0611-0029 Baby Pink0611-0029 Baby Pink0611-0054 Christmas Green0611-0054 Christmas Green0611-0133 Royal0611-0133 Royal0611-0146 Winter White0611-0146 Winter White0611-0156 Gold Citrine0611-0156 Gold Citrine0611-0194 Medium Grey0611-0194 Medium Grey0611-0208 White0611-0208 White0611-0217 Black0611-0217 Black0611-0218 Champagne0611-0218 Champagne0611-0256 Ecru0611-0256 Ecru0611-0389 Grayfrost Mix0611-0389 Grayfrost Mix0611-0475 Stitch Red0611-0475 Stitch Red0611-0678 Light Greenfrost Mix0611-0678 Light Greenfrost Mix0611-0688 Coffee Heather0611-0688 Coffee Heather0611-0848 Blue Navy0611-0848 Blue Navy0611-1386 Christmas Red0611-1386 Christmas Red0611-6007 Light Grey Heather0611-6007 Light Grey Heather


  • Contents: 75% Acrylic, 25% Wool
  • Machine Wash, Machine Dry Low
  • Gauge: 5 sts = 1″/US8 needle
  • Yardage:200 yards
  • 100g balls

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0611-0029 Baby Pink, 0611-0054 Christmas Green, 0611-0133 Royal, 0611-0146 Winter White, 0611-0156 Gold Citrine, 0611-0194 Medium Grey, 0611-0208 White, 0611-0217 Black, 0611-0218 Champagne, 0611-0256 Ecru, 0611-0389 Grayfrost Mix, 0611-0475 Stitch Red, 0611-0678 Light Greenfrost Mix, 0611-0688 Coffee Heather, 0611-0848 Blue Navy, 0611-1386 Christmas Red, 0611-6007 Light Grey Heather


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