MAJ-107 CarnationMAJ-107 CarnationMAJ-110 LilacsMAJ-110 LilacsMAJ-115 StonewallMAJ-115 StonewallMAJ-102 UnderwaterMAJ-102 UnderwaterMAJ-106 OverallMAJ-106 OverallMAJ-111 JewelMAJ-111 JewelMAJ-112 FirecrackerMAJ-112 FirecrackerMAJ-113 Sante FeMAJ-113 Sante FeMAJ-114 CoastalMAJ-114 CoastalMAJ-116 HighbornMAJ-116 HighbornMAJ-117 GraphiteMAJ-117 GraphiteMAJ-118 Silver BlushMAJ-118 Silver BlushMAJ-120 LagoonMAJ-120 LagoonMAJ-121 Strawberry PunchMAJ-121 Strawberry PunchMAJ-122 Sea GlassMAJ-122 Sea GlassMAJ-123 GlacierMAJ-123 GlacierMAJ-125 BluebirdMAJ-125 BluebirdMAJ-126 HoneydewMAJ-126 HoneydewMAJ-128 ValentineMAJ-128 ValentineMAJ-130 SpringtimeMAJ-130 SpringtimeMAJ-131 Egg HuntMAJ-131 Egg HuntMAJ-135 ToileMAJ-135 Toile


  • 100% Acrylic
  • 328 yards /  200 gram
  • Knitting Needle: US 10
  • Knitting Gauge: 15 sts = 4″
  • Crochet Hook: J
  • Crochet Gauge: 14 sc = 4″
  • Machine wash, tumble dry low.

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MAJ-107 Carnation, MAJ-110 Lilacs, MAJ-115 Stonewall, MAJ-102 Underwater, MAJ-106 Overall, MAJ-111 Jewel, MAJ-112 Firecracker, MAJ-113 Sante Fe, MAJ-114 Coastal, MAJ-116 Highborn, MAJ-117 Graphite, MAJ-118 Silver Blush, MAJ-120 Lagoon, MAJ-121 Strawberry Punch, MAJ-122 Sea Glass, MAJ-123 Glacier, MAJ-125 Bluebird, MAJ-126 Honeydew, MAJ-128 Valentine, MAJ-130 Springtime, MAJ-131 Egg Hunt, MAJ-135 Toile


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