102001-00001 White102001-00001 White102001-00004 Ecru102001-00004 Ecru102001-00009 Bright Navy102001-00009 Bright Navy102001-00016 Dark Pine102001-00016 Dark Pine102001-00026 Lt. Blue102001-00026 Lt. Blue102001-00042 Tea Rose102001-00042 Tea Rose102001-00071 Grape102001-00071 Grape102001-00084 Sage Green102001-00084 Sage Green102001-00093 Soft Violet102001-00093 Soft Violet102001-00095 Red102001-00095 Red102001-01004 Soft Ecru102001-01004 Soft Ecru102001-01042 Overcast102001-01042 Overcast102001-01130 Warm Brown102001-01130 Warm Brown102001-01131 Dazzle Blue102001-01131 Dazzle Blue102001-01132 Beach Glass102001-01132 Beach Glass102001-01133 Teal102001-01133 Teal102001-01201 Summer Breeze102001-01201 Summer Breeze102001-01215 Robins Egg102001-01215 Robins Egg102001-01222 Country Green102001-01222 Country Green102001-01223 Mod Green102001-01223 Mod Green102001-01318 Black Current102001-01318 Black Current102001-01530 Country Red102001-01530 Country Red102001-01612 Country Yellow102001-01612 Country Yellow102001-01628 Hot Orange102001-01628 Hot Orange102001-01699 Tangerine102001-01699 Tangerine102001-01712 Hot Green102001-01712 Hot Green102001-01725 Blueberry102001-01725 Blueberry102001-01742 Hot Blue102001-01742 Hot Blue


  • 100% US Cotton
  • 2.5 oz. 70.9 gram
  • Approx 120 yards
  • Knitting Needle:  US 7/4.5mm
  • Knitting Gauge:  20 sts = 4″
  • Crochet Hook:  US H/8
  • Crochet Gauge:  13 sc = 4″
  • Machine Wash and Dry

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102001-00001 White, 102001-00004 Ecru, 102001-00009 Bright Navy, 102001-00016 Dark Pine, 102001-00026 Lt. Blue, 102001-00042 Tea Rose, 102001-00071 Grape, 102001-00084 Sage Green, 102001-00093 Soft Violet, 102001-00095 Red, 102001-01004 Soft Ecru, 102001-01042 Overcast, 102001-01130 Warm Brown, 102001-01131 Dazzle Blue, 102001-01132 Beach Glass, 102001-01133 Teal, 102001-01201 Summer Breeze, 102001-01215 Robins Egg, 102001-01222 Country Green, 102001-01223 Mod Green, 102001-01318 Black Current, 102001-01530 Country Red, 102001-01612 Country Yellow, 102001-01628 Hot Orange, 102001-01699 Tangerine, 102001-01712 Hot Green, 102001-01725 Blueberry, 102001-01742 Hot Blue


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