Sugar’n Cream Ombre


102002-00138 Mistletoe102002-00138 Mistletoe102002-00178 Potpourri102002-00178 Potpourri102002-00181 Faded Denim102002-00181 Faded Denim102002-00199 Pretty Pastels102002-00199 Pretty Pastels102002-00201 Jewels102002-00201 Jewels102002-00222 Butter Cream102002-00222 Butter Cream102002-02013 Terra Firma102002-02013 Terra Firma102002-02017 Desert Rising102002-02017 Desert Rising102002-02018 Sonoma Print102002-02018 Sonoma Print102002-02019 Ahoy102002-02019 Ahoy102002-02027 Spring Swirl102002-02027 Spring Swirl102002-02046 Earth Ombre102002-02046 Earth Ombre102002-02122 Hippi102002-02122 Hippi102002-02135 Moondance102002-02135 Moondance102002-02211 Red White & Blue Ombre102002-02211 Red White & Blue Ombre102002-02316 Beach Blue102002-02316 Beach Blue102002-02323 Fresh Pressed102002-02323 Fresh Pressed102002-02416 Azalea102002-02416 Azalea102002-02445 Lava Lamp102002-02445 Lava Lamp102002-02510 Candy Sprinkle102002-02510 Candy Sprinkle102002-02533 Field of Dream Ombre102002-02533 Field of Dream Ombre102002-02600 Psychedelic102002-02600 Psychedelic102002-02710 Peace102002-02710 Peace102002-02741 Playtime102002-02741 Playtime102002-02743 Summer Splash102002-02743 Summer Splash102002-02744 Swimming Pool102002-02744 Swimming Pool102002-02746 Summer Print102002-02746 Summer Print102002-02747 Capri102002-02747 Capri102002-02750 Coral Seas Ombre102002-02750 Coral Seas Ombre102002-02751 Rick Rack Ombre102002-02751 Rick Rack Ombre


  • 100% US Cotton
  • 2 oz. 56.7 gram
  • Approx 95 yards
  • Knitting Needle:  US 7/4.5mm
  • Knitting Gauge:  20 sts = 4″
  • Crochet Hook:  US H/8
  • Crochet Gauge:  13 sc = 4″
  • Machine Wash and Dry

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102002-00138 Mistletoe, 102002-00178 Potpourri, 102002-00181 Faded Denim, 102002-00199 Pretty Pastels, 102002-00201 Jewels, 102002-00222 Butter Cream, 102002-02013 Terra Firma, 102002-02017 Desert Rising, 102002-02018 Sonoma Print, 102002-02019 Ahoy, 102002-02027 Spring Swirl, 102002-02046 Earth Ombre, 102002-02122 Hippi, 102002-02135 Moondance, 102002-02211 Red White & Blue Ombre, 102002-02223 Mod Ombre, 102002-02316 Beach Blue, 102002-02323 Fresh Pressed, 102002-02416 Azalea, 102002-02445 Lava Lamp, 102002-02510 Candy Sprinkle, 102002-02533 Field of Dream Ombre, 102002-02600 Psychedelic, 102002-02710 Peace, 102002-02741 Playtime, 102002-02743 Summer Splash, 102002-02744 Swimming Pool, 102002-02746 Summer Print, 102002-02747 Capri, 102002-02750 Coral Seas Ombre, 102002-02751 Rick Rack Ombre


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