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Magnifier - 4 inch handsfree lighted

The Lighted Hands-Free Magnifier works like a spare pair of hands and glasses. It hangs comfortably from your neck on an adjustable strap, while the body of the magnifier curves naturally to the shape of your upper chest. Cushioned braces steady it against you, allowing the magnifying lens to hover over your materials. Perfect for mild magnification, the 4" diameter lens magnifies details 1.5x, while the 4x bifocal is strong enough to help you see minute details more clearly (finally...thread needles with ease). This lightweight model includes an LED, and is great for crafters, sewers, hobbyists, and readers of all sorts, who wish to improve clarity and contrast of their work.

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  • (252) 715-2244
  • 4104 S Virginia Dare Trl. Nags Head, NC 27959